Walmart Weather Radio Pricing Less Awful Than It Appears

Reader N. was shopping in the weather station section at Walmart when he noticed something odd. Hanging on the same rack were two different variations on the same weather radio. You could buy the radio for $29.88, or buy the radio with a little carabiner flashlight included for $49.94. Wait, what?

No, that flashlight is nothing fancy, and not worth an extra $20 by itself. You can buy them for a few bucks. Here are the two different items, which N. says were next to each other on the rack even though he didn’t get a wide-angle shot.



There were a few other products between the two versions of the radio package, but they’re the same radio. We were ready to blame the wackiness of pricing fluctuations when we zoomed in on the shelf tag on the flashlight version of the radio.


The shelf tag names the item, and that item is a “deluxe weather station.” A weather radio isn’t a weather station, so that means this product probably has some kind of completely reasonable price.

We can’t task Walmart with having employees comb every shelf so often that no one with a camera phone will ever spot a pricing mistake or item stuck in the wrong place. Instead, we’ll settle for saying that people who put items back in the wrong place are evil, and that Walmart puts price scanners in convenient spots around the store for a reason.

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  1. Mokona512 says:

    Why not spend $8 to get a cheap RTL SDR and OTG cable, then get the sdr app for your android phone, then tune into a number of emergency stations in addition to a ton of HAM radio frequencies, ones used by the government and many others?

    Cheaper, far more functional, and better quality audio.