Stevia-Sweetened “Coca-Cola Life” Will Bring Its Silly Name To U.S. Shelves This Fall

The race to launch a mid-calorie soda that appeals to a wide audience continues, as does the trend of giving these new drinks stupid, stupid names. Following in the footsteps of Pepsi Next and Dr. Pepper TEN, the Coke folks are reportedly bring Stevia-sweetened Coca-Cola Life stateside in the coming months.

Beverage Digest Tweeted about the news yesterday, saying that Coke would introduce the not-as-calorific drink in the U.S. after months of testing in Argentina. says the debut for Coca-Cola Life, which we presume won out against Coca-Cola Famine, Coca-Cola Herpes, Coca-Cola Turd, and Coca-Cola Dead Dog in a name-that-cola competition, will be in September or October. That’s about the same time as it’s set to hit stores in the UK, which apparently loves life as much as we do.

While the beverage companies have been trying to come up with no- and low-calorie options for soda fans who don’t like the saccharine “diet cola” taste, none have really made a huge impression on consumers, who are leaving for beverages that have fewer calories — like unsweetened tea and coffee, or that old classic, water.

Last year, the FDA gave the the okay for a Coca-Cola-backed sweetener with the tongue-friendly name of Rebaudioside M, or Reb M. Which supposedly improves upon previous stevia formulations by having a taste that is closer to table sugar.

And again, while on the topic of stevia, we can’t help but share this spoiler-heavy clip from Breaking Bad:

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  1. Lenne says:

    I do not drink carbonated beverages, but I think more should be sweetened with stevia. It is important to realise that stevia produces an unaccustomed mouthful and the sweetness is a bit flat. Flatter than bleached cane sugar. It is difficult to explain what flat sweet is. Best thing to do is to test it yourself by making a cup of tea with raw sugar and another with bleached sugar. There is a noticeable difference. More smooth, maybe? Anyway, whenever I use stevia, I add a small amount of raw sugar to maintain the sweet balance. You do not need much as stevia is pretty darn sweet on its own.