Dish Network Chat Rep Compliments My Name. Is That Creepy?

Kaleb had a basic question for Dish Network, so he logged on to their customer service chat to, well, chat to a company representative about it. Something strange happened during a lull in the conversation, though, and Kaleb isn’t quite sure what to think about it. Is it friendly or creepy? We weren’t sure, either, and submit his chat log to the Consumerist readership for your judgement.

In case you’re reading on a mobile device or are unable to read the image text for another reason, here’s the relevant part of the conversation.

[Kaleb asks a question about exchanging his existing DVR for the Hopper.]

G: Please give me a moment while I research this for you.
G: By the way, while waiting. You have a nice name, Kaleb.

Kaleb didn’t tell us how he reacted to that compliment. How do you think he should have? In his e-mail submitting the screengrab, he wrote to Consumerist, “…is it just me, or is that last comment kind of creepy?”

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  1. richardhuffman says:

    This EXACT same thing happened to me when dealing with Netgear Chat CSR. And my name is many things, but compliment-deserving isn’t one of them.

    My response, immediately, was to type “the fuck?”

    The rep never mentioned it again after that.

  2. SingleMaltGeek says:

    I said no, even though I can imagine what Kaleb was thinking. It’s awkward, IMO, but not creepy.

    And based on Richard’s comment above, I’m guessing it’s being added to the scripts by the big phone bank services.

    • sylphon says:

      That is my guess as well since when I had to deal with a Dish rep via chat, they complimented me on my name too. Must be part of scripts these days.