Best Buy Delivers Your Appliance For Free, Power Cord For $70

Reader Christopher decided that it was time to buy a new dryer, largely because Best Buy had a great sale and offers free delivery for appliances. It sounds like that might be, indeed, the best buy. Only when he put all of the needed parts in his virtual cart, he noticed something strange. He had to pay an extra delivery charge…for the power cord.


“Turns out, that free delivery only applies to the dryer itself,” he wrote to Consumerist. “They charge you $69.99 to deliver the power cord along with the dryer.”

Wait…isn’t the delivery truck coming to your house anyway? Isn’t the power cord sort of an important part if you want to make sure that an appliance works before

“Dryers don’t come with power cords,” Christopher points out. “They must be purchased separately because there are two types.” Right, though if you already have a dryer, the cord for your existing one might still be in good working condition and could work for the new one. Could.

It makes sense to charge a fee to deliver a relatively inexpensive item like a power cord, but it seems that they could instead make the power cord an add-on item for the appliance, without its own shipping charge. (They could just charge $30 more and include the cord, but that would make too much sense.)

The obvious solution is to have the dryer delivered, and go pick up the power cord at your nearest Best Buy store. Sure, it’s an extra bit of inconvenience, but seventy bucks is seventy bucks. This system does make sense if you were shopping in person and could pick up the cord before leaving the store, but that’s about it.

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  1. robinm says:

    Order dryer at Best buy, order cord at Amazon for Prime shipping. Probably way cheaper there anyway.

  2. mongo says:

    It’s just a variation of Best Buy’s $40 USB cable.
    Solution: Don’t buy from Best Buy.

  3. dullard8 says:

    I verified this by going to Best Buy’s website. When I put in my zip code to see the earliest delivery date the dryer could be delivered it was Monday, June 16, but delivery of the cord was unavailable. I would have to go to the store to pick it up.

    Now that’s great service.

  4. Mokona512 says:

    Before buying these appliances, purchase a $8-9 power cable online first, and when it comes, then you order your appliance.

    • theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

      exactly. i was coming to say that $30 for a dryer power cord is a major rip-off. i’ve had to swap out dryer power cords a few times as the receptacles are not always the same when i’ve moved. i think the most i ever paid was $18 a few years ago and right now home depot’s most expensive one is only $23