Company’s Bulletproof Blankets Are Designed To Protect Kids During A School Shooting

While bulletproof products are nothing new, in light of the numerous school shootings in recent years, there’s now a new market for such items. From bulletproof backpacks to the newest offering of bulletproof blankets, companies are now in the business of protecting children at the place where they’re supposed to be focused on learning.

A company called ProTecht (get it?) says its Bodyguard Blanket is made from the same materials used by the U.S. military, and is a product that was conceived after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as tornadoes in Oklahoma.

It doubles as either a shield against 90% of all weapons used in school shootings in the U.S. (according to the company), or as protection to “stop that blunt-force trauma when that rubble is falling down on a child,” reports the Oklahoman (via Buzzfeed).

The blanket comes with straps that fasten around wearers with a lightweight pad on the back that’s made from high-density plastic, the same kind used in ballistic armor. It also protects against nails, shards of metal or other sharp objects that might be flung about or shot at the user.

The company tested the blanket at a shooting range, standing up against a 12-gauge buckshot, a .22-caliber, and a 9 mm, as well as others.

The blankets come with a price tag of $1,000, and are meant to be stored in a classroom so kids can lock the door and put them on quickly.

“Instead of bending over and hoping for the best, they’re afforded an extra layer of protection,” ProTecht’s managing partner explains.

ProTecht is now encouraging school administrators to adopt the Bodyguard Blanket as part of their lockdown protocol.

“It’s just sad that we’ve come to this in society, but that’s where we are,” the managing partner said, referring to recent shootings. “This thing gives kids an option, an alternative that will give them an opportunity to survive.”

Oklahomans develop blanket to protect youngsters in tornadoes or shootings [The Oklahoman]

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  1. DaddyBee says:

    Does nobody else see the cold war/arms race that is happening before our eyes? If someone wants to kill people, and kids have bulletproof blankets/backpacks/cell phones/whatever, don’t you think they will escalate their tactics to get the job done? We are in a downward spiral of violence and no amount of bulletproof anything will ease the symptoms if we don’t get to the root of the problem.

  2. SuperSpeedBump says:

    This product, to me, seems like the wrong way to approach this problem.

    I’ve owned multiple firearms my whole life, but I have no problem seeing that the wrong people are getting access to weapons far too easily, and something needs to be done about that.

  3. Mokona512 says:

    A better solution will be to make it so that criminals will not target the schools. Most criminals, especially the ones who want to go on a killing spree are mentally unstable cowards and thus they like locations where law abiding people are not legally allowed to defend them self. Remember, these shootings are done at close range, with a blanket that only covers a small part of your body, it is not hard for the crazy person to easily go around it. (also even with a bulletproof vest, a gun shot can still easily break ribs in an adult, what will that do to a little kid)?

    This is simply someone trying to cash in on the irrationality surrounding these shootings. (e.g., people getting emotional and deciding that disarming the law abiding people will make things safer)

    If they want to prevent the issue in the first place, allow teachers to bring guns to school.
    There are far too many cases of a crazy person going on a shooting spree in a gun free zone for an extended period of time (e.g., the fort hood shootings, charging at the shooter was not effective)

    PS those blankets are massively overpriced (from the pictures they look really small, while costing much more than the bulletproof vest issued to police officers (and really close to the price issued in the military.

    • ResNullum says:

      No, improving access to mental healthcare would be preventing the issue in the first place. If you believe mentally unstable people shoot up schools because they’re gun-free zones, then you’re assuming facts not in evidence.

      • Mokona512 says:

        Those are where they happen. When it comes to mental health, regardless of how much the country improves access, it will not work because there is a strong stigma attached to it. If you end up with it on your records, then you end up with fewer job opportunities especially if they require background checks.

        Furthermore in the same of a number of shootings, even with strong background checks and ample mental health services, they ended up getting a gun before they went crazy. Never fully invest in a single line of defense because when they fail, you end up events like Sandy Hook. Crazy people and criminals do not commit crimes with the expectation of getting arrested immediately after. They choose locations where they will have the best chance as accomplishing their goal.
        For criminals looking to just rob people, they choose locations and people who they feel are easy to rob (e.g., guns are very expensive, it is not common for someone to rush into a gun store and rob the place).

        Furthermore, most crazy people who commit many of the sick and twisted crimes, will often not believe that they are crazy, and thus they are likely to not seek mental health services even if available. Unless the first line of defense is 100% effective in preventing all violent crime, having an equalizing tool for protection will always be needed, as they help in situations like this which are extremely frequent in local news around the country e.g.,

        Criminals will always choose situations when they are at an advantage. They hate being at a disadvantage, and they hate if there is a level playing field. In any violent situation, it is always highly stressful if there is even remotely equal attack power (even if you are fighting for what you believe is right and not trying to commit a crime), this is why cases of PTSD and suicide so high in the army while there is little to none in militarized SWAT teams who spend much of their time going after people who will not fight back. For someone looking to do something purely nefarious will simply avoid situations that will make their own actions unsafe. If someone wants to kill a bunch of others before killing them self, they will pick a location where they have the best chance at killing lots of people (which are locations where the victims are less likely to respond with deadly force)