Chrysler Recalls More Than 10,000 SUVs Because Cruise-Control Is Supposed To Be Controlled

The invention of cruise-control has saved many consumers from receiving costly speeding tickets, but the often convenient system hasn’t been operating as it should in a number of Chrysler SUVs.

Chrysler announced the recall of 10,700 model year 2014 Dodge Durangos and Jeep Cherokees, Grand Cherokees and Grand Cherokee SRTs for unintended acceleration in cruise-control mode, Reuters reports.

The car manufacturer became aware of the issue during an internal quality audit. When the cruise-control is engaged, an acceleration initiation by the driver may be extended by about one or two seconds after the accelerator pedal is released, officials with Chrysler say in a news release.

In high-performance vehicles the event may last up to two seconds before deceleration begins. However, engaging the brakes will cancel the cruise-control mode.

Officials with Chrysler say they are unaware of any injuries, accidents, complaints or reported incidents related to the issue.

Most of the vehicles, which were assembled between January 16 and April 17 of this year, are in dealer’s hands or in transit to dealers.

An estimated 6,100 affected vehicles are located in the United States, while 950 are in Canada, 425 in Mexico and 3,200 were outside North America.

This issue can be remedied through an upgrade to the software governing the cruise-control system. Consumers will be notified when they can schedule the maintenance service.

Chrysler Group is currently party to two National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigations.

Earlier this week, NHTSA launched an investigation into Chrysler’s remedy to the 2012 airbag-related recall of two Jeep models.

Investigators are looking into the effectiveness of the fix put in place related to airbag inadvertent deployment issues (ABID). NHTSA received reports from Chrysler that the company is aware of six cases in which vehicles that received the remedy had additional ABIDs.

Last month, NHTSA launched an investigation into a possible ignition-switch defect that resulted in the death of a child.

That investigation involves more than 110,000 model year 2004-2006 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks in which the vehicles started without the clutch being engaged.

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