T-Mobile Removes More Discounts, Upsets More Customers

T-Mobile’s whole “uncarrier” schtick is supposedly about disrupting the normal pricing scheme and financial ecosystem of mobile phones. Discounts based on your workplace, college, or group affiliations have been a big part of the traditional carrier pricing model, and T-Mobile didn’t expect an outcry when they did away with them. Now Big Magenta is doing away with discounts for members of certain organizations. They are not pleased.

We’re not talking about elite or rarefied organizations here, either. The two organizations that will lose their discounts despite being told otherwise by T-Mobile are members of parent-teacher organizations and the American Automobile Club, TMoNews reports.

While customers receiving discounts based on their employment get to keep them as long as they had already signed up before the policy changed. AAA and PTA members don’t get to keep theirs. Apparently.

Members of the Advantage discount plan have to re-certify every year, and postcards went out to all discount-receivers to remind them to do that. When AAA and PTA members visited the site, they received a message that those “partner organizations” were no longer part of the program.

Yet the national PTA’s site says that members are only losing discounts going forward if they aren’t already T-Mobile customers. It’s fine if T-Mobile wants to end the program or wants to stop new signups, but why does one category of customers receiving the same discount get grandfathered in, and another doesn’t?

AAA and PTA members losing their T-Mobile monthly discount? [TMoNews]

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