Obviously, Walmart Doesn’t Want You To Drink 12 Budweiser Margaritas

If one can of Budweiser’s malt beverage margarita-like substance costs one dollar, how much should twelve cans cost? That’s right…$12.97. Wait, what? If this math sounds a little off to you, apparently you don’t work at Matthew’s local Walmart.


“Cans are one dollar a piece. Buy a twelve-pack and pay ninety-seven cents more,” he wrote when sending in this photo. “I don’t want Walmart turning into Target.”

The only way this would make sense if if the cans in the upper racks were a different size, but both appear to be eight-ounce cans.

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  1. DaveP says:

    Makes sense to me. The extra 97¢ is for the cardboard box the cans come in. Without it, you would have to lug around 12 separate cans.

    • mrkake says:

      I would agree, except that it’s probably Wal-Mart employee’s jobs to open a box on the bottom and refill the bin on the top whenever it gets low, so they just end up throwing that cardboard away. If anything it should (any usually is) more expensive to get one can of something because you don’t actually want a whole pack.

  2. Mokona512 says:

    Who spends $1 for an 8 ounce can? That is a pretty bad deal.