California City Drops Lawsuit, Public Nuisance Declaration Against Sriracha Factory

It looks like the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha factory won’t have to uproot from its home in Irwindale, CA after all: The city has decided to drop its lawsuit against the factory, sayings its former stinky foe is no longer a public nuisance.

Officials for the city unanimously dismissed both the October 2013 lawsuit and the public nuisance declaration, months after the odor emanating from the factory ticked off many residents, reports the Pasadena Star-News.

Everything was decided during an informal meeting this week between Huy Fong owner David Tran and city officials, where Tran assured the council with a written statement that the company would address residents’ complaints of odors coming from the plant.

“We forged a relationship. Let’s keep that going,” City Councilman Julian Miranda said Wednesday.

This means, of course, that the city will keep the economic boost it could see from the factory, a boost other states like Texas were pursuing with much fanfare.

The town’s chamber of commerce will also embark on a new marketing effort “to talk about the positives of doing business” in Irwindale, ostensibly to keep residents on board with keeping Huy Fong around.

While there are new filters in place that are stronger, in order to allay the smelly effects of the factory, it won’t be clear if those work well enough for residents until chiles are processed starting in August.

“At the commencement of this year’s chile harvest season, if the air filtration system does not perform well, then Huy Fong Foods will make the necessary changes in order to better the system right away,” Tran wrote in a letter to the council.

Mayor Mark Breceda sounds optimistic about the developments as well when he asked the council to dismiss the public nuisance order.

“I believe he stands by his word,” Breceda said of Tran. “I will say that I believe that not always lawsuits are good for any business or any community. It’s not only hurtful but expensive. I don’t believe at this point that it was the right way to go, but certain things had to be done.”

Cue the joyful shrieks of sriracha lovers everywhere who were worried about losing their precious red sauce.

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