Here’s What You Should And Shouldn’t Buy In June

Every store and every industry has its own cycle of sales, and by timing your purchases just right, you can take advantage of them. There are two different things to keep track of: the ways that sales cycle every year, and also current trends in retail.

Here’s what our friends over at DealNews say that you should consider buying, but only if you’re in the market:

DealNews reports that they’ve seen fab deals on underthings at mall stores like Frederick’s of Hollywood and Maidenform, and June is also the time of year when Victoria’s Secret has its annual sale.

Touchscreen Laptops
Deals on these are a little early for back-to-school season, but deal-spotters have found some great ones if you’re in the market for a new computer.

Tropical Vacations
Cruises and travel packages to the Caribbean start to get a lot cheaper once hurricane season kicks off, because you do run the risk of having your vacation canceled out from under you due to crappy weather. Get some solid travel insurance, though.

Here’s what the deal-watchers at DealNews say you shouldn’t buy just yet:

If you really want a new grill but also want maximum savings, try to scrape a few more weeks out of your old one: the best sales on these will be during and after Fourth of July sales.

Trips to Disney World
The cheapest hotel stays close to the various attractions around Orlando are in August: the weather might be hot, but the deals are great.

Apple products
Computers are due for their pre-back to school season refresh, so hold off on buying any new computers if MacBooks or iMacs are your thing.

The Best and Worst Things to Buy in June [DealNews]

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    inside tip from former WDW cast member*
    it doesn’t matter how great the deal is if you can’t get on the rides or see the characters. my facebook feed is full of pictures from former coworkers indicating the line to see maleficent is over 300 minutes daily and it’s not even full summer. and imagine how long the line is for the main characters and the rides?
    keep saving your money and go between thanksgiving and the first two weeks of december, or from valentines to st patty’s. the weather is cooler, the lines are shorter and you will get to go on more than three rides per day
    *employee – i was guest services, not a performer