Krackel Bars Promoted From Hershey’s Miniatures Bag Again

krackelOur younger readers may not remember this, but it used to be that Nestle Crunch bars weren’t the only choco-crisped-rice game in town. Nope. Back in the heady ’90s, candy-eaters could also buy full-sized Krackel bars. Yes, the crisped rice bars that you find as part of a Hershey’s Miniatures bag have been called back up to the big leagues and will be available on candy racks.

Even better news: the bars consist of actual milk chocolate, not whatever chocolate-like substance Hershey has been inflicting on us since 2008.

While we’re always happy to hear the latest news from the snack world, the press release from Hershey has us a little worried. “The Hershey Company Announces A Big Comeback: Krackel Bar Is Back!!!” it exclaims. We’ve learned over the years to take a few metaphorical steps back from anyone who uses more than one exclamation point in a row.

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