Family Wants Petco To Pay After Dog Dislocated Hip During Grooming

dawgWhen a California woman picked up her daughter’s dog from his grooming appointment, it was obvious that something was wrong. The Shih Tzu was walking on three legs, not putting his right rear paw down on the ground. While the groomer admitted that she had pulled on that leg to get the animal into position to be groomed, nothing else seemed amiss. Or so the store claims.

The family says that the dog had a dislocated hip, and required almost $7,000 in surgery and physical therapy in order to get his leg back to normal. “The surgeon… said he was most confident that it had to be a traumatic injury, that he most likely fell off the table,” the dog’s owner explained to TV station KGO. Four months after the injury, whatever did happen on that grooming table, the dog is finally back to normal. However, the family, Petco, and Petco’s insurance company continue to argue over who should pay the bill.

In an e-mail to KGO, a Petco spokesperson said, “We are aware of [the family]’s claim and have been working with her on a resolution. We take her concerns very seriously and are currently reviewing Joey’s medical records.” That’s good. The family counters that Petco has had the dog’s records since March, and they’ve heard nothing back yet.

“We want our money back and I want the word out as well,” the dog’s owner told a reporter.

Groomer Injures Dog At North Bay Petco; Company Balks At Paying Vet Bills [KPIX]

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