Lyft Ditches Pink, Furry Mustache For Unveiling Of Sleek Premium Ride Service

lyftIt looks like car-sharing service Lyft has taken a page from Pimp My Ride and, well, pimped its rides for the unveiling of a new premium car service.

Complete with illuminated entrances, quilted leather seats and other custom amenities Lyft Plus is the company’s latest effort to compete with other services like Uber.

“Today, we unveil Lyft Plus, a fresh and modern transportation experience with lower prices and higher capacity than current premium options,” the company says in a blog post on its website. “You can now request a sophisticated, custom six-seater just as you would any other Lyft ride.”

A waitlist for the service opened last week and Lyft reports to have already received thousands of requests for invites. The company began to roll out pilot access in San Francisco on Thursday, but plans to expand to other cities soon.

Don’t expect to see the brightly colored, fluffy pink mustache that has been a trademark of Lyft vehicles. The company is going for a more sleek and sophisticated vibe for Lyft Plus.

In fact, the company partnered with West Coast Customs – you know, the guys who did all the heavy lifting with Xzibit on Pimp My Ride – to create “maximum comfort” for your next ride.

The custom touches made for the specially designed Ford Explorers include:

  • Custom grille featuring an elegant brushed steel mustache
  • White exterior paint for a fresh, modern look
  • Illuminated entrance with custom under-car LED lights to make it clear your Lyft Plus has arrived
  • 20-inch sport wheels to keep you rolling in style
  • Custom interior leather in a quilted diamond pattern for luxury comfort
  • Special amenities with everything you need to recharge yourself and your devices
  • Spotify Premium in-car, putting the best playlists at drivers’ fingertips

Introducing Lyft Plus: The Premium Ride Redefined [Lyft]

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