Posting A Video Called “Me Driving Like An Idiot” Was Teen’s Second Mistake

Look, kid. You’ve made at least two mistakes recently (allegedly!), the least of which isn’t posting a video called “Me driving like an idiot” on YouTube for all to see. Because of course the most important mistake you made is (allegedly!) choosing to drive like an idiot.

Now that I’m done lecturing via the Internet, a Florida teen has been arrested and charged with two counts of leaving the scene of a crash with injuries as well as reckless driving and driving without a license after he reportedly filmed himself driving erratically and smashing into other vehicles as he went, reports UPI.

During the four-minute mistake, the young man allegedly hit four cars and put five people into the hospital, including himself. The video was posted on YouTube last Tuesday (it’s since been removed but you can see it here, if you need to) and he was arrested on Friday.

“He wasn’t concerned about anyone’s safety,” a police spokesperson said. “He just drove in a manner, cutting people off left and right just a total disregard for our citizens. We’re just really lucky we’re not dealing with a death in this case.”

‘Me driving like an idiot’ YouTube video leads to Florida teen’s arrest [UPI]

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