Stand On The X, Get A Parachuting Grilled Cheese Hurled At You

What is a jaffle? It’s sort of a grilled cheese sandwich or panini with its edges sealed, making it easy to transport. Every few months, some “profit-agnostic” entrepreneurs from Melbourne, Australia draw an “X” on the ground, let their followers know through social media, and fling parachute-suspended sandwiches at their customers.


Team Jafflechutes has been at it in Melbourne for some time, but recently held a successful crowdfunding campaign to take their grills and parachutes on tour to North America. Specifically, New York and Montréal. We learned about this endeavor from Urban Daddy, which ran an article about the project before its visit to New York City.

The procedure is simple: you learn which day the jaffles will launch through the company’s social media channels. You place an order on their site and pay using PayPal, then show up and stand on the X at your appointed time. Your sandwich floats down to you (from where?) wrapped in brown paper and festive colored ribbons.


The most important thing about this project isn’t immediately obvious until you watch this video of a sandwich drop in Melbourne. Strangers gather in a real-life space around the mark on the ground where the sandwiches arrive, brought together by the Internet. The whole enterprise is more like a midday party than a simple sandwich delivery.

Jafflechutes [Official Site]
Jafflechutes [Twitter]

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