Can’t Remember Where You Parked? Google’s Here To Remind You

google nowApparently, we consumers can’t be trusted to remember where we parked. But have no fear, Google is here keep us from wandering around the mall parking lot aimlessly looking for our vehicles.

A new update to Google Now allows consumers to easily find their parked vehicles, Gizmodo reports.

The service uses a phone’s sensors to determine when you’ve exited a moving vehicle and remember that location.

Sure the program will give you extra information you might not want, like the parking locations when you get off public transpiration systems. But, consumers always have the option to turn off the service completely when not needed.

The Google Now update comes with a few other new features, such as the ability to give contacts nicknames, a new reminder interface, and the ability to use new setting by voice control.

Google Now Can Remember Where You Parked [Gizmodo]

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  1. KJaxx says:

    I have “lost” my car several times. I think it is more a big city (read: NYC) problem, where the parking regulations are different every day and the spaces are limited. I cannot reliably park my car in front of where I live every day. It is cut throat on the streets of NYC.

    I have actually once reported my car stolen because I couldn’t find it. Days later, while still searching for it in every way possible, it finally showed up in a pound having been towed (but because I had reported it stolen, I didn’t have to pay the fines). I don’t think it had been stolen, I just couldn’t recall where I had parked it over the weekend and then got towed for missing a parking regulation deadline.

    So yeah, I don’t dig location services on my phone for privacy reasons, I have fallen into the habit of taking a photo of where my car is parked, and/or sending myself a text telling me the exact location.