TSA Finds Large Knife Ruining A Batch Of Perfectly Good Enchiladas At California Airport

Just enchilada sauce, don't worry. (TSA)

Just enchilada sauce, don’t worry. (TSA)

Just like my second cousin twice removed Hildy used to say — a sure way to ruin a tasty batch of enchiladas is by hiding a huge knife in it and then trying to get through airport security. At least, she would’ve said that if she existed and knew someone tried to do just that at a Sonoma airport recently.

A Transportation Security Administration officer at the Sonoma Airport said he found a knife with an over eight-inch long blade tucked inside an enchilada in a female passenger’s carry-on bag, reports KTVU.com.

That made for quite a gory looking photo, but don’t worry — the red stuff is just sauce. In any case, it’s very much against TSA rules to bring blades that length on a plane.

The woman was on her way to catch an Alaska Airlines flight, and said she had no idea how the knife got in there.

“This item turned out to be an eight-and-a-half inch knife that was inside of a wrapped enchilada,” explained a TSA spokesman. “The woman said she had made the enchilada over the weekend and she really didn’t know how the knife got into the bag.”

She was eventually cleared for travel, but could be facing a fine if the TSA decides to issue one. Fines for concealed items can range up to $10,000, but the agency usually works it out with the passenger to avoid fees.

Lesson learned — next time that knife goes in a checked bag, or just eat the enchiladas at home beforehand to make sure you didn’t put any weapons in them. That’s what I would do. Eat all the enchiladas and save none for whoever I’m flying to see.

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