Sony Tells Users Of New Vaio Laptop To Stop Using It Unless They Like Being Burned

SonyNothing can interrupt your productivity quite like having your computer catching fire. If you own one of the new Sony Vaio laptops that’s an actual possibility.

On Friday, Sony warned users of its new Vaio Fit 11A to immediately discontinue use because of the potential for batteries to burn or catch fire, The New York Times reports.

There have been three reports of overheating resulting in partial burns to the housing unit of the convertible laptop, company officials say.

Not all the computers, which launched in February, contain the issue. Affected units use nondetachable internal battery packs sourced from an unnamed third-party supplier and contain the product name beginning with SVF11N1.

Officials estimate that 26,000 units, 497 of which have been purchased in the United States, contain the issue.

Consumers with computers matching the description should “immediately discontinue use, shut down and unplug the PC.” The company plans to develop a program within the next two weeks to repair or replace the affected units free of charge, or to refund the purchase price.

In 2010, the company recalled 535,000 Vaio laptops for overheating, creating a potential burn hazard for users.

Friday’s announcement comes just a month after it was revealed that Sony was attempting to find a buyer for the Vaio line, essentially getting itself out of the PC business.

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