Calculate The Minutes, Hours And Days Of Your Life You’ve Spent Watching TV

Many of us are wrapped tightly in our TV binge-watching cocoons these days, snuggling up with an entire season of our favorite shows and slaughtering the entire thing in one go or a few dedicated sessions. But how much of your time is that actually taking up? Now you can count the minutes, days and hours you’ve devoted to the boob tube, or an electronic facsimile thereof.

A website called (starts me singing “Tiiiime, is on your siiide…) calculates how much TV you’ve watched based on which shows you plug in and each one’s running time.

So say you watched all five seasons of Breaking Bad — some of them more rapidly than others, perhaps, if you were trying to catch up with everyone else before the finale — that’s 1 day, 23 hours and 32 minutes of your life. You can also dial back the number of full seasons to adjust if you haven’t finished something yet.

The more shows you add, the higher the number goes and your life starts stacking up before your eyes in intervals of Dawson’s Creek and Dexter, Sherlock and The Walking Dead.

One con of the site is that the “reset” button isn’t that easy to find, so if you erroneously plugged in eight seasons of How I Met Your Mother when you really only want to remember the first three (good) ones, click on the question mark int he upper righthand corner and then click “reset data.”

Go ahead and face the reality of your TV watching past, but we’re gonna bet it doesn’t change much about your TV watching present or future. Because I’ve just got to know what those crazy kids of Westeros are up to this season, it’s important.

(H/T to Business Insider)

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