Right Guard Shrink Rays Aerosol Can By 15%

rightguardBob currently works in China, and stocks up on his favorite deodorant, one that he isn’t allergic to, during his visits to the United States. Historically, a can of the stuff has lasted him a year. That’s not going to be the case anymore, since each 10-ounce can has lost 1.5 ounces.

Unlike many companies, they didn’t mask the shrinkage with a packaging change. That’s very bold: or maybe the exact opposite of bold, since the packaging remains exactly the same. Classic. Just smaller.

He sent us these handy comparison photos, writing, ” What a surprise to discover that the new can is 1.5 oz less for the same price…Guess the Dial Corporation took out their Shrink Ray machine and
used it sometime in the past year.” Naturally, it remained the same price.


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