One Way To Stop Obnoxious Cellphone Conversations In Public? Have Your Own

You know what’s more annoying than having to listen to an obnoxiously loud phone conversation in a public place? Trying to take part in an obnoxiously loud phone conversation while someone else is doing the same thing next to you, a lesson served on yappers at Disneyland by a comedian who of course, filmed the whole thing.

Just like the ancient shepherds of the far reaches of Northumbria in 201 AD once said when faced with rival ancient shepherd clans (probably): If you can’t beat’em, join’em. And that’s exactly what comedian Greg Benson did on a recent visit to Disneyland, holding his own super loud chats right next to other park visitors doing the same.

No one is perfect, except maybe whoever invented cheese and heated bathroom floors, so it’s nice to see that most folks get a bit of a giggle out of the whole thing when they suspect he’s talking to them. But no, he’s just having his own conversation that just so happens to coincide with the subject’s chat.

If you’re going to get called out on your bad behavior, at least it’s fun to be part of something people will now watch on the Internet. And let’s not forget the lesson at hand: No one else needs to hear you detailing the exact instructions to resetting the smart thermostat while Cousin Steven is on vacation in Aruba. We don’t need that much information.

(H/T to Uproxx)

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