Let’s Just Call The Burger-Within-A-Burger What It Is: A 10,000-Calorie Stack Of Meat & Cheese

This is not the burger in question. It's just another meat patty with cheese. (Morton Fox)

This is not the burger in question. It’s just another meat patty with cheese. (Morton Fox)

Since when did stacking things on top of other things constitute one food item? Is there a rule that if the ingredients are on top of each other instead of say, next to each other on the plate, it becomes a single entity instead of a collection? Now that I’m done grinding my gears, let’s talk about a burger-within-a-burg tower of calories.

Rant aside, ginormous feats of food engineering always get my attention, and no less so than the concoction called “The Ulti-Meatum,” cooked up by a restaurant owner in the UK, reports Metro. She was inspired by a fictional version of the dish she saw in an episode of The Regular Show on Cartoon Network.

It’s not just stacking at work here, so I can’t be a total grump about it: It’s basically two complete cheeseburgers with lettuce and tomato serving as the top and bottom of the overall entity known here as the “burger,” with a middle meat patty between them that contains yet another set of buns, burger and cheese cooked inside it.

The result is a stack of 10,000 calories that would just be called “Three Cheeseburgers One Of Which Has Another Inside It” if its pieces were set out side by side.

“I couldn’t eat it – I haven’t even been tempted yet,” the restaurant’s owner tells Metro. “It’s massive.”

Anyone who does think they can take on the burger will get it for free — if they can finish the whole thing in one sitting before their clogged arteries explode all over everyone.

10,000 calorie burger within a burger is now a thing [Metro]

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