Banana Republic Accidentally Lets Customers Stack Coupon Codes, Notices, Cancels Orders

1898281_10152254716739076_1687568547_nRules are rules, and getting some special deals requires playing by the rules. If a company’s website lets you use multiple coupon codes together, then that means that the codes can be combined, no matter what the coupon fine print says, right? Well, no.

Using multiple coupons together is a practice that veteran bargain-hunters call “stacking,” and e-commerce sites generally don’t let you do it, because then the deals would be too awesome. The Gap family of sites does, but it isn’t allowed on all codes. One handy code that gave customers 40% off two regular-price items could be stacked with a 25% off coupon code, and online deal-hunters rejoiced. Then they stopped rejoicing when Banana Republic started canceling their orders.

The experience of one Fatwallet poster was typical:

I never received any emails (checked both inbox and spam) since Friday, so I called. I was told (after waiting for about half an hour) that my order had been cancelled because using more than one promotion at a time isn’t allowed. Apparently, even though the website allowed it, it was mentioned somewhere in the fine print.

The CSR offered to apply the 40% off promotion, but when I had her break down how much each item would cost, the base prices were higher than when I originally placed my order, so that even 40% off was really only ~30% off for some things. Totally not worth it.

We’ve discussed in the past how companies aren’t liable for pricing errors, and that also applies to errors in their system that let customers get away with things that they normally can’t. Does that mean that Gap should have canceled all of these orders because the customers got too good a deal? In some cases, customers claim that the extra savings they go through using both coupons was only a few dollars, so the cancellations were automated or executed on principle.

We contacted Gap about this coupon mess, and will let you know what they have to say if they get back to us.

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  1. ShadyTrust says:

    Makes me think of not long ago when Amazon accidentally posted numerous high end smartphones for insanely low prices. I, along with many other people, got orders in. I only ordered one device while I read accounts of other people ordering numerous. My order was cancelled (disappointing but understandable) but the part I was most upset with was being lied to about it. After reading about people’s orders shipping and some already having received it, I called to try to get mine put through. The rep told me that all orders were cancelled and they were re-routing orders that already shipped which was flat out false. People were already showing pictures of their devices. I didn’t expect Amazon to fulfill all the orders but I found it worse than not doing anything for them to fulfill some orders and not others.

  2. Instegone says:

    So about 3 months ago Oreck has a bunch of Holiday# coupons that stacked if you put them in a weird order. I ended up purchasing an Oreck Air Purifier (Normally $499) for about $120 after stacking coupons to get 80% off. Anyways 5 days later they canceled my order. I complained to the BBB and a few days later I got a call from Oreck Parent Company, TTI Floorcare and they said they were going to honor the 80% off.

    • SirJanes says:

      I am always surprised when someone reports positive results after contacting the BBB. I have not called BBB in years but decades ago in Phoenix and Salt Lake I could get no assistance or even advice. Has BB gotten better or did I just have a couple of bad experiences?

      • Instegone says:

        It seems to depend on their rating. If they currently have a low rating, they don’t seem to care, if they have an A rating I usually at least hear something back. Sometimes good and sometimes bad.