AirBNB Guest Was Actually A Promoter Throwing A Massive Sex Party

If we’ve learned anything from the experience of one Manhattan man who was serving as an AirBNB host, it’s that if you’re going to rent out someone’s apartment to hold a $20-a-head orgy, you should maybe not throw around and destroy the person’s furniture and belongings, then take some time to clean up afterward. 

The key to holding any kind of party successfully is to not do tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in the first place, then clean up and make it look like the party never happened. Of course, we don’t actually recommend that you say you’re coming from out of town to attend a wedding when you rent the apartment for $300 per night.

It turns out that it might be a good idea to look up someone’s phone number before you hand over your keys to them.

The “guest” who rented the apartment counters that he had a few family members over, not an orgy for overweight people. He told the New York Post, “I had six people, friends and family. He is making a big to-do because he is being evicted.”

The good news is that building management shut the festivities down, AirBNB is paying for the tenant to stay in a hotel while his apartment gets un-trashed, and they’re also paying him $23,817 to cover the damages.

He wants to move after what happened. “I just don’t want to touch anything in there,” he told the New York Post. “I threw sheets all over everything.”

Tenant uses, leads to unexpected sex party that trashes his Chelsea luxury apartment [NY Daily News]

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  1. schwartzster says:

    Teman is being a bit melodramatic. There is some risk in renting out your apartment to complete strangers; there’s no way a service like Airbnb could possibly entirely prevent the very rare scenario like this. Fortunately, Airbnb as a middleman seems to be taking appropriate steps to compensate him and resolve the issue. Imagine if this transaction was arranged independently (through a classified ad/Craigslist).

    • MathManv2point0 says:

      I’m with ya. I think offering to cover cost and put him up in a hotel is the right thing. However, if the apt owner wants to sue to cover moving costs, I would not find that unreasonable. It all comes down to what the apt owner originally agreed that he could hold Airbnb liable for.

  2. CommonC3nts says:

    AirBNB is awesome for paying for everything.
    This guy is a moron to say that he can no longer live in the apartment after everything is cleaned up.
    Manhattan is a dirty place to begin with and then he complains about his apartment even though it will be 100% cleaned up. Once cleaned up and his stuff replaced he should have nothing to complain about.

    I hope there are criminal charges brought up on the person who rented the apartment for destroying property.