Durex Condom Makers Buy Global Rights To K-Y Lubricants Because, Well, Obviously


Get it? A bed? Yeah. Bow chicka bow bow. (Us)

There are some business deals we don’t really understand, the kind that just can’t be good for anyone. But when the owners of Durex condoms snatch up rights to sell K-Y globally, well that’s pretty much a natural match made in the bedroom.

Because condoms and “intimate lubricants” go together like well, condoms and lubricant, Reckitt Benkiser, Durex’s makers, have bought the global rights to Johnson & Johnson-owned McNeil’s K-Y, reports The Independent.

The will close in the next few months, with Reckitt hoping that with this big buy, it can “transform” its “sexual well-being category.”

The company said K-Y had sales of more than $100 million in 2013. That popularity could give a boost to Durex, which is marketed as sexual intimacy brand instead of just a health product. K-Y is seen as a global leader, Reckitt says, one that is very popular with the ladies as it has a “high trust score amongst women.”

In related news — I just learned that K-Y started as a prescription-only product back in 1917. And here I thought “I’m a love doctor” was just a pickup line.

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