Get Your Copies Of “Battilefield 4” And “Assassins’s Creed IV” At Kmart While They Last

It’s inevitable: whenever a post about Kmart appears online, wise guys pipe up to ask, “Kmart is still a thing?” Not anymore in some metropolitan areas. Reader Ryan, browsing a store in Las Vegas, thinks that he knows why this is.

“If you needed any more proof that Kmart is a sinking ship, check out the spelling/capitalization errors on 3 signs in the video game section at the same store,” Ryan wrote to Consumerist.




Ryan didn’t check to see whether these games actually were in stock, but hidden in a separate location for some reason that isn’t quite clear.

We sent these signs off to Kmart to see what they had to say. Were these signs distributed chain-wide, disseminating terrible errors across the country? Nope, a Sears Holdings Company representative told us. “These typographic errors are specific to a single store in Las Vegas. This is an isolated error and we’ll be correcting them. We apologize for any confusion caused.” That’s good to hear.