Chipotle Rolls Out Vegan Tofu Option Nationwide

sofritosburritoWhile customers have a bunch of options when building their burritos or bowls at Chipotle, the core of those components has remained reasonably unchanged for two decades. So it’s news that not only has the eatery chain made its first major menu addition in 20 years, but that this addition is tofu.

Chipotle has been testing the Sofritas (shredded tofu braised with roasted poblanos, chipotle chiles, and spices) at certain stores for about a year, but tells Fast Company that it will now be on the menu nationwide.

So far, the tofu isn’t overtaking its meat counterparts, only accounting for about 3% of sales, but Chipotle believes that it could gain an audience both among those who don’t want to eat meat and those who just happen to like the taste of Sofritos.

The ingredient was originally conceived as a vegetarian-friendly substitute for chorizo sausage. Before being released in test markets, it included honey. However, since that would make it a no-no for potential vegan customers, the company nixed the honey.

[via TheVerge]

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  1. FusioptimaSX says:

    Honey? Doesn’t seem to fit all that well in this application anyway.

    This is one of those strange names where one letter is changed as “sofrito” is a sauce base.

  2. CommonC3nts says:

    You definitely take care of the indian immigrant crowd who can now go to Chipotle with their meat eating friends.

  3. SuperSpeedBump says:

    Excellent! I’ve been wanting to try the Sofrita for a while now.