Watch This Guy Eat Four Chipotle Burritos In Three Minutes

Before you start to feel like all your eating achievements thus far pale in comparison to the feat mentioned in the headline, know that none of your friends are going to think any less of you just because you can only eat two burritos in 30 minutes before passing out on the floor in a pool of your own regret (I know, it’s your personal best). After all, the guy who ate four Chipotle burritos in only three minutes is a professional.

No, he’s not a guy who’s paid to eat burritos all day — although that’s the dream, huh? — but he is paid to be a competitive eater and is ranked No. 2 in that um, sport. And in competitive eating, you’ve got to be the fastest.

He says as much in the video description (H/T to Reddit for the link) — throwing these burritos down his throat is his way of throwing down the gauntlet to a competitor who had a video where he was “eating Chipotle burritos like a baby, so I felt I needed to show him how to do it right.”

Let’s not forget that he also topped those two chicken and two steak burritos off with a Diet Coke as well. Lunch is served and now I don’t know if I’ll ever be hungry again.

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