Man Sues Wells Fargo Over Robocalls Intended For Other Person

It’s bad enough to get endless collections call from your mortgage servicer over missed loan payments, but it’s next-level annoying when you’re not even a customer of the bank that won’t stop calling your phone day and night.

A man in North Carolina has sued mortgage giant Wells Fargo, alleging that the bank has violated federal law by repeatedly making automated calls to his cellphone even though he was not the person Wells was trying to reach and is not a customer with the bank.

FCC regulations allow for businesses to make automated calls to consumers who they have a business relationship with but specifically forbid the use of robocalls to consumers with whom that relationship does not exist.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the plaintiff in this lawsuit began receiving automated calls from Wells back in Nov. 2013. He says he does not have any connection to Wells and no idea how the bank got his number.

He claims that he explained to Wells that they had the wrong number and person, but that the calls continued at a “harassing rate,” lighting up his phone several times a day.

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