Homophobe Restaurant Owner Shouldn’t Be Surprised His Eatery Now Touted As “Best Gay Club” On Yelp

If a local restaurant owner goes on local TV to talk about how he hates gay people and doesn’t want them as customers, it’s not a shock that people will get angry and boycott, protest, petition… the usual stuff. But in the age of Yelp, that owner should probably also expect to find that his business is now being written up online as the “best gay club” around.

Last week, when a KFOR-TV reporter asked the owner of an Enid, OK, restaurant/bar about allegations that he wasn’t exactly the most open-minded businessman in town, he admitted, “I’ve been in business 44 years, I think I can spot a freak or a faggot… I really don’t want gays around.”

He continued to enlighten the reporter on the difference between right and wrong.

“If I reached over there and slapped the sh** out of you, you should be offended,” he explained. “But to call someone a ‘chink’ or someone call me a bigot, that doesn’t bother me.”

When the reporter asked him if he would call her a “chink,” he nervously replied, “No… not unless we were drinking.”

And so, in addition to the normal social media outrage that has arisen out of this situation, folks have taken to Yelp to create a prank page, complete with photo of the owner and a male exotic dancer, and reviews that say things like, “I thought this place was going to be cheap. But it was the all male review night and I had to whip out all my singles. Despite the lovely views and even lovelier men my burger had way [too] many sesame seeds. So I have to give it a 2 stars.”

[via Eater]

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