If Walmart Won’t Accept Returns Without A Receipt, Pointing A BB Gun Is Not The Answer

On the one hand, it might’ve been a relief to a Walmart worker in Baltimore to find out that the weapon pointed at her recently at his workplace wasn’t in fact, a machine gun. But on the other hand, it’s still not a pleasing prospect to face an angry customer with a CO2-powered BB gun.

Police called to the scene say that the face-off was over the fact that the employee told a customer he couldn’t return items without a receipt, reports CBS Baltimore, just before 11 p.m. last night.

An employee working at the customer service counter told police that the suspect approached and wanted to return a used tablet, but she refused the request because he couldn’t provide a receipt. He then pulled a pair of headphones off his head and tried to return those as well, an attempt that was also denied due to lack of receipt.

Things went from uncomfortable to very bad, police say, when the man allegedly placed a backpack on the counter and pulled out what appeared at the time to be a black sub-compact machine gun, and pointed it at the worker, demanding he get his money back.

When the employee yelled, the man fled the scene without getting any money. Cops apprehended him outside of the store and arrested him on charges of attempted robbery, attempted first-degree assault and possession of CDS charges. Maybe cops could add a “Scaring the living daylights out of someone” charge. Just for good measure.

Police: Laurel Man Points BB Gun At Wal-Mart Worker Who Denied Requests To Return Items [CBS Baltimore]

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