At This Target, 50% Off And Free Are Pretty Much The Same Thing

freecleanerGetting a cleaning product for free when you buy a broom or mop is a pretty good deal, and so is getting one for half off. The problem at this Target is that they can’t decide what deal they want to give you.

“50% isn’t the same as free…” wrote reader Jim when he sent us this picture. No. no, it isn’t.

We wrote to Target to ask whether the promotion is for a free cleaner or a cleaner at 50% off. Apparently Target isn’t sure either, or maybe they’re a little preoccupied.

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  1. charmander says:

    I still don’t understand how these signs ever get put up. Doesn’t an actual human being have to put them out, and don’t they read them before placing the sign in front of the item? Or is there some weird Target policy about signing that we don’t know about

    Any Target employees or former employees out there that can clue us in?

    • SingleMaltGeek says:

      I have a friend who got slapped down a lot at work for making suggestions for improvements and pointing out inefficiencies, so eventually she stopped. Her boss is both not too bright and incompetent with computers, which were a part of a lot of the suggestions.

      So even if an employee notices, they may just decide to do what they’re told instead of making waves.

      Besides, we only see the ones that DO get put up. For all we know, at many Targets there are employees and managers who notice and act on this kind of stuff before the public can see it.

      • MarthaGaill says:

        Yeah, there’s hundreds and hundreds of signs up at Target at any given time. And if they still do it the way they did when I worked there years ago, you hand type out the sign and print it yourself. Usually my managers double checked what I did, but I can see where mistakes could be made.

        It’s probably an employee who is being rushed or misunderstood a memo. OP should have snapped a picture and pointed it out to someone who works there, or if he was going to purchase one, take the picture with him to the register.