Medieval Sword-Fighting Session In Taco Bell Parking Lot Turns Into Drug Deal Gone Wrong

If I had a nickel for every time a medieval sword-fighting practice session in a Taco Bell parking lot turns into a drug deal gone wrong… well you know where I’m going with this. It’s a weird occurrence and in one recent Cleveland case, pretty embarrassing for the accused drug dealers in question. Sounds like they got taken by a bunch of teenagers, wielding swords, no less.

The story two men told Cleveland cops at first was that they were just hanging out with some teenagers in a Taco Bell parking lot, practicing their medieval sword-fighting craft, when the teens up and robbed them, reports

But see, there was bit more to that story, and that bit maybe should’ve had the men thinking twice about calling the authorities. Seems the twosome sort of forgot to mention that the alleged reason they were in that parking lot was to sell pot to the group of teenagers.

When police asked about the robbery, neither of the suspects mentioned that part of the story. Instead they said they were just their to practice their sword skills.

“But that’s clearly not what ended up happening,” said the public information officer for the local police department.

Instead, cops say that when the two men got into a car with the teenagers to sell them $80 worth of marijuana, one of the teens pepper-sprayed one of the alleged drug dealers, grabbed the stash and ran. The two men then called the police to report the robbery, failing to mention it was pot that had been stolen.

Police looked at one of the men’s phone records and spoke to witnesses before determining that the and the other guy had met with the teenagers with the intent to sell them pot, not just play with swords. Gotcha.

One of them men was charged with trafficking marijuana, obstructing justice and possessing criminal tools, while the other is facing charges of trafficking marijuana and obstructing justice.

Two men robbed of their marijuana in Westlake after practicing medieval swordfighting, police said []

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