Fisher-Price’s Apptivity Seat: Harmless And Educational Or Captive Brainwashing Device?

babyWe know consumers’ love for all things technology begins early, but what’s too early? The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood defines too early is when you hold your infant or toddler captive with an iPad dangling infront of his or her face.

The CCFC sent a letter demanding Apple end its licensing agreement for Fisher-Price’s Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad Device because of the product’s potential harm to infants and toddlers.

The CCFC insists the bouncy seat is a detriment for healthy development – the iPad blocks the child’s view of the world – and encourages parents to leave the child alone for long periods of time.

In December, the CCFC launched a campaign urging Fisher-Price to pull the seat from the market. The petition collected 13,000 signatures, more than any previous CCFC petition and Fisher-Price has distanced itself from the product, the CCFC said in the letter to Apple.

The Apptivity seat isn’t’ the first iPad related product for children the CCFC’s taken to task. During the holidays, the organization named the iPad potty chair the worst toy of the year.

CCFC to Apple: No iPad bouncy seat [The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood]

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