Colorado Airport Installing “Pot Amnesty Boxes” In Case You Forgot To Leave Your Drugs At Home

It’s only been two weeks since marijuana for recreational use became legal in Colorado, but it appears that authorities are worried citizens will already forget pretty common norms. For example: Pot does not belong at the airport, and you most definitely can’t bring it on a plane. The Colorado Springs Airport is ready to help, however, with new “pot amnesty boxes.”

Let’s be clear: Amnesty is for people who’ve done something wrong, so if you remember on your way to your aunt’s house in Ohio that you left a dime bag in your pocket and you put it in one of those boxes, you are surrendering your drugs. Meaning, you’re not getting it back but you won’t get in trouble for having it.

As KKTV reports, the boxes are for whoever accidentally brought their pot with them or didn’t know it’s illegal to have it at the airport. The boxes are on their way to the airport now and could be installed as soon as today.

If you remember in time to get back to your car, however, you can always leave the marijuana there, because it’s legal to do so. Airport officials just really don’t want you to remember when you’ve already made it into the airport.

The ban applies to both recreational and medical marijuana, and it’s a stiff fine if either is discovered: Up to $2,500 and possible jail time. So say goodbye to your stash and use those boxes.

Springs Airport Installing Amnesty Boxes For Pot Surrender []

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