Target Price Scanner Is Ready To Play What Now?

Robert was understandably confused when he checked the price of a Hot Wheels toy on a price scanner and got a saucy message in return. Or maybe an insult. Or just the name of another Hot Wheels product. (Mildly NSFW screenshot and video inside.)

You can, in fact, buy assortments of Hot Wheels cars that might have this name in Target’s system. The item that Robert scanned was an alien-themed playset.

We wrote to Target to see whether they normally protect against messages like this in their system, but they’re probably a little busy right now.

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  1. MarthaGaill says:

    Obviously the name of the product is “Ready to Play” and it comes in assorted colors. I’ve always wondered why they don’t come up with a better abbreviation. Nothing’s more concerning than going to buy a snack and finding it labeled “Fruit Snacks Ass” or “Ass Cookies”.

  2. FusioptimaSX says:

    They couldn’t put in one more letter? Asso. ??? I think this is one of those things where programmers can have fun behind the scenes w/o getting caught.