Man Likes His Burger So Much He Comes Back For Seconds — And To Rob The Burger King

We’ve all had that gustatory moment when you realize that this thing you’re chewing? It’s so freaking good, you just need to come back and order another one. But one no good, very bad consumer took his trip for seconds to another level by returning to not only order another burger, but also to rob the Burger King. You know, as long as he was already there.

Police in Long Island say the man simply ordered a hamburger the first time around, paying for his meal and leaving the restaurant, reports the New York Post.

But then just five minutes later he returned, this time wearing a mask, and ordered another burger. He then allegedly grabbed a bunch of cash right out of the register and left again.

“He ordered a hamburger. He liked it so much he came back and ordered a second one,” a police spokesman suggested (because really, do we know for sure he loved the hamburger or the chance for some free money?). “Then he grabbed an undisclosed amount of cash from the register.”

Police aren’t saying how much money he took because they don’t want anyone to think that’s a good idea.

“We don’t want to encourage this type of behavior. Seriously,” the spokesman said.

Although to be clearing, ordering more than one burger is totally a personal decision anyone is free to make. Just not the stealing afterward part.

Hungry thief orders burger before cash grab [New York Post]

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