Do Not Call 9-1-1 To Request Beer Delivery

Beer is one of the major Consumerist food groups, along with tacos, cheese, and bacon. It’s very important and nice to have around. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should dial up emergency services to report that your granddaughter won’t buy you beer, as one Tennessee woman allegedly did. [Associated Press]

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  1. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    i’d like to say i can’t imagine this happening, but i love to read the flathead county (montana) police blotters. there are plenty of incidences of stupid non emergency reasons of people calling 911.
    from flathead county:
    Sunday 12/15/2013
    8:49 p.m. A call to 911 was made from the Bigfork area by someone who needed to report that the local laundromat closed early.

    Thursday 12/27/2013
    7:40 p.m. A customer called 911 from a Kalispell gas station claiming that he was unable to find a clerk to help him. An employee was found before the end of the call.

    i know i remember having local police presentations in elementary and middle school on the proper use of emergency services. it’s not that hard