Even Selling Recreational Pot For Twice The Price, Colorado Sellers Say They’re Running Out

In less than a week, Colorado dispensaries and pot shops report that they’re selling so much recreational marijuana, there could be a shortage basically any moment. After all, it’s not like they can just grab the plants your cousin was growing in the closet and sell them off. In the face of this supply problem, even charging twice the price for the recreational stuff over the medical version isn’t stemming the tide of eager buyers.

For example, at one pot store the San Francisco Chronicle looked at, customers were shelling out $45 for an eighth of an ounce of recreational pot, compared to the $25 charge for the same amount the shop sells for medical purposes.

“They’re not used to coming into a facility and paying $25 an eighth, so when they come in, it’s just whatever the price is,” the store’s president and chief executive said. “Having the ability to buy safe, reliable, quality marijuana in an environment that’s fun and exciting sure beats going in a back alley and saying, ‘Hey buddy, you got a bag?’”

Around the state, recreational pot sells for about $400 an ounce, twice the $200 an ounce price tag retailers collect for medical marijuana, according to the executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, a Washington-based trade group.

“That’s just supply and demand,” he explained. “As more businesses open and the businesses get a sense of what the demand is and are able to meet it, the prices will go back down.”

Ah yes, about meeting that demand — other store owners are saying that if customers keep coming the way they have been this last week, they’re going to sell out, and soon.

“We are going to run out,” one store owner told the Colorado Springs Gazette on Day 2 of legal recreational sales. “It’s insane. This weekend will be just as crazy. If there is a mad rush, we’ll be out by Monday.”

Yes, that means today, Coloradoans. Coloradoites? In any case, don’t be surprised if you can’t get your hands on some green.

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  1. GoldHillDave says:

    The State of Colorado has made it so difficult and expensive and complicated to sell pot that an illegal market will continue to thrive. I would expect law enforcement to lose some but not all of its zeal for going after this black market. At least it will be much more difficult to go after the end user.

    And what’s with the age 21 requirement? An 18 year old can marry or take out a loan or risk his life for our country in the Army, but he can’t buy a few grams of pot? How silly! Of course, thanks to MADD, the same silliness applies to alcohol.

    BTW I am one, and I prefer “Coloradans”. There is not, however, unanimity of opinion on the question.