Walgreens Will Provide Some Prescriptions For A Month To Backlogged Health Care Enrollees

One problem facing people who have been trying to sign up for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act but who haven’t been able to do so successfully is the dilemma of how to get certain medications once January hits. Walgreens says it’ll hand out a month’s worth of some prescriptions at no upfront cost to those people.

A variety of problems have hit many consumers trying to sign up for healthcare and some insurance companies say as a result, they’re not getting the right information in order to process all the forms needed to get people enrolled, reports Reuters.

So Walgreens is offering a bit of a helping hand by telling any customers who’ve enrolled in healthcare but don’t have the proper identification from an insurance company yet can simply bring in the proof of their efforts from now through the end of January at a pharmacy and get a month of generic medication.

It’s not entirely free forever, however — after the customer gets an ID number, Walgreen’s will then push through the insurance claim and will hold the customer responsible for any co-pay they should’ve had to pay originally.

Walgreen offers month of prescriptions to backlogged Obamacare enrollees [Reuters]

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