Crows Cover Mall Marking Lot With So Much Poop, Shoppers Can’t See Spaces

In northern climates that get a lot of snow, motorists are used to making things up as they go along in parking lots. Can’t see the white lines that are supposed to demarcate parking spots? Doesn’t matter; just use other cars or maybe a lamp post as a guide. However, parking lots covered with ground-obscuring white stuff is not a common problem in Yuba City, California. And there’s no crow crap plow on the market that we know of.

According to CBS Sacramento, the city and local businesses have tried a variety of methods to make the crows go away, but have resigned themselves to cleaning up the birds’ leavings and waiting for them to go away.

It is legal for people to shoot the birds if they have a hunting license for them. The limit is 24 crows per day, which is interesting since it’s the first time we’ve ever heard of a hunting limit with roots in a nursery rhyme.

In the meantime, mall shoppers are kind of confused. “When she was trying to park, she asked me if she was in the spot,” one shopper told CBS Sacramento. “We couldn’t even tell because of how much white bird crap was on the [ground].”

Crows Bomb Yuba City Mall, Blurring Lines In Parking Lot [CBS Sacramento]

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