Home Depot Shopper Won’t Sit On Store Toilet Seats Without Checking For Glue From Now On

UPDATE: This could be a case of self-sticking, reports indicate. Investigators now suspect that the woman who was stuck to the toilet seat did it to herself. Sigh, I repeat, sigh.

The Augusta Chronicle reports that cops have looked at video footage and found that no one else entered the bathroom who could’ve done it in the time allotted.

“There is no evidence to show that someone did it besides who was in there,” a sheriff’s deputy said, but there’s not enough evidence to charge anyone, either.


Unfortunately, there are people in this world who only want to make everything in life a bad experience for other people. Like the numbskull armed with glue who apparently smeared it all over a toilet seat at Home Depot in order to catch another unfortunate shopper.

And no, this wasn’t even glue stuck on the toilet seats on display at the store, but was reportedly spread on the seat in a restroom customers had access to, reports the Smoking Gun.

The woman was at a Home Depot in Georgia, using the restroom like shoppers often do, when she became fused to a toilet seat, police said in a report on the incident.

When cops arrived on the scene, a store manager told officers that the woman “had gotten stuck on the toilet in the female public bathroom.”

Emergency services workers were able to remove the toilet seat from the woman’s body and she was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The manager told police that in the course of the incident she’d discovered a brown paper bag on the bathroom floor, that lo and behold, held a bottle of Loctite glue. And this wasn’t a single smear and run — it seemed as if the other toilets in the restroom had also been coated in the stuff.

Emergency services workers subsequently “removed and obtained the toilet seat” from De La Keur’s “behind.”

Cops confiscated the glue and the toilet seat as evidence, and the gluing incident remains an open investigation today.

Raise your hand if you are never going to sit, hover above or even get near another public toilet without at first checking to see if it’s covered in glue. Sigh.

Police Probe How Woman Got Glued To Toilet Seat In Home Depot Restroom [The Smoking Gun]

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  1. MathManv2point0 says:

    Who doesn’t look at a public toilet seat before sitting down?? Plus, I always build a nest – not a massive one, just a layer or two. In my mind the nest keeps things from transfering and plus it’s warmer on those cold days. TMI?

    • CzarChasm says:

      Seriously, anyone who sits in any public place without looking down is asking for trouble. Hell, I still check the seat at home for spiders after one particularly troubling incident.

  2. Naskarrkid says:

    As a guy, I don’t have that problem with #1, but for #2, I refuse to use public restrooms. I will only use 3 or 4 places other than my own.

  3. DyinMyelin says:

    Georgia’s De La Keur
    Decided to go to a store
    She got her bolts and her nuts
    And had to empty her guts
    But the paramedics were called
    When she was stuck in the stall
    -If only she had gotten a chisel!

    PS click-though for victim visual

  4. kb says:

    I always wipe down any toilet seat before sitting on it. You don’t know what may be lurking there, either seen or unseen.

    If there was any glue there, it would be discovered by the wipe-down before my butt would.

    No brainer.