Someone Made A LEGO Version Of The Blues Brothers Mall Chase Scene. It Is Glorious

bluesbrothersssIf, like me, you were raised on repeated late-night viewings of The Blues Brothers, you are more than familiar with the epic 3-minute scene in which Elwood and Jake lead some Illinois State Police around, in, and through a busy mall, all while cataloging the various things one can buy there (The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year). What better way to commemorate this brilliantly choreographed scene than with a shot-by-shot LEGO remake?

First, here is the full version of the LEGO remake…

Second, there is the side-by-side comparison video just how closely the folks at Bricktease stayed to the original movie:

Seeing this makes us hope for a LEGO Blues Brother video game… dare to dream.

The original chase scene was filmed at the Dixie Square Mall outside of Chicago. The mall had recently shut down, and director John Landis spent several weeks ramming the Blues Brothers’ Dodge Monaco and the in-pursuit police cruisers through countless windows and walls. Considering that the mall was vacant at the time and probably doomed for the wrecking ball, the filmmakers did not repair much of the damage done to the building.

The building lingered derelict for three decades until being demolished in 2012.


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