A Whole Bunch Of Stuff To Make With Your Inevitable Thanksgiving Leftovers

Unless you are celebrating Thanksgiving with a group of ravenous piranhas, you’ll likely have food left over from your Turkey Day feast. Sure, you can spend the next week making delicious turkey and stuffing sandwiches, but there’s a lot of variety to be had from those ingredients stored in plastic containers in your fridge.

The one thing lots of people never think to do, but which is incredibly easy and useful, is to use the bones of the picked-apart bird to make stock. There are plenty of stock recipes out there; here’s one from the NY Times.

Philly.com went to four local chefs to get their takes on what to do with leftover turkey, like this sandwich that combines turkey and fried oysters, or this one that heaps smoked sausage and sour cabbage (complete with beer) on top.

Get all autumnal with the Washington Post’s recipe for Leftover Turkey Tetrazzini With Butternut Squash Sauce.

Gothamist has this piece about the completely misnamed (but potentially yummy) Turkey Sushi And Stuffing Waffles.

Over at Huffington Post, there’s a good roundup of interesting leftover-based recipes, covering everything from “Leftover Pop Tarts” to Turkey And Chorizo Breakfast Hash to Turkey Chinese Congee.

Of course, there’s always Alton Brown with his “Bird to the Last Drop” Turkey Leftover Soup.

Or, to steal a line from Patton Oswalt, you could just pile all of the leftovers into a single bowl and plow through it like a death row prisoner on suicide watch:

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