Bags Might Fly Free On Southwest, But Your Pet Will Cost You An Additional $20

For several years, Southwest has charged one of the lowest fees ($75) for passengers flying with a carry-on pet. But starting in January, that price will be going up to be more in line with the fees charged by Southwest’s competitors.

According to the airline’s site, travelers departing on or after Jan. 15, 2014 will incur a $95 fee (one-way) for carry-on pets.

Since this is a fee that is paid at the time of check-in, it looks like even those who made reservations before the price change went into effect will face the higher fee.

Even at $95, Southwest is still the least-expensive airline for flying with pets in the cabin (it does not accept checked pets in the cargo hold), but it is closer to what other airlines currently charge.

JetBlue and Spirit each charge $100, while United, US Airways, Delta, and American all charge $125 for carry-on pets.

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  1. smirkette says:

    As someone very allergic to cats and dogs, I really wish airlines would find a way to let people know when pets will be flying in cabin and allow you to change flights. I’d be happy to reschedule knowing that I wouldn’t be at risk for a severe asthma attack. The last time this happened to me was just a two hour trip fortunately and my habitual allergy meds took the worst edge off–but it was definitely noticeable. But had that been a 5+ hour flight, I’d be sucking down my inhaler the rest of the way. I’ve tried asking for advance notification, but so far, no joy.

    • CommonC3nts says:

      It definately is wrong to allow pets in the cabin due to allergies.
      If people really need to travel with their pet they should be driving, not flying.

      Anyways, they allow pets, but why is their a fee??? The airline has no increased cost for a pet. The pet just takes up your carry on bag space so now you have one less carryon.
      I just dont get what the fee is for.

  2. Instegone says:

    Airtran used to be the best for this. They used to charge $65. When they merged with Southwest, they raised the price. Now they are raising it again. While this doesn’t effect me anymore since I had to put my old dog to sleep, its ridiculous to pay all this money to give up your leg room “AND” your normal carry on. My 7 pound dog didn’t weight more then most peoples carry-on so they airline was benefiting big time.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is still a somewhat decent price now the big airlines that charge $150+ each way just sickens me.