If A Stranger Asks For Your Debit Card And PIN Over Instagram, Don’t Mail It To Them

Most of our readers are probably savvy enough to know this, but we were all young and innocent once. Like many classic scams, the “crackin’ cards” fraud depends on the victim’s own greed. The pitch? They’ll deposit a check in your account, make a withdrawal, and leave some of the proceeds behind for you.

If you know anything about the law, banks, or money, the flaws in this plan are obvious. Most Americans aren’t as financially savvy as you, though, and the scammers have found plenty of willing victims over social media. No, we’re not joking.

“[The scammer said that he] would put $4,500 into my account through the ATM. He wanted $2,000 out of the deal,” one victim explained to CBS Chicago. The victim sent along her ATM card and personal identification number, allowing the scammer full access to her accounts.

Instead, the man deposited a fake check for $2,800 and withdrew the full amount. Now the victim is responsible for the full amount and can’t get another bank account.

Let us reiterate the obvious: if someone offers you gobs of money for the privilege of using your bank account, say “no” and contact law enforcement. Even (especially) if they contact you over Instagram.

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