Which ISPs Don’t Cap Monthly Data Usage?

See the whole chart at GigaOm.com.

See the whole chart at GigaOm.com.

Do you know if your Internet service provider caps your monthly data allotment? Are you sure? Not all ISPs are transparent about the caps they place on subscribers. Luckily, the folks at GigaOm have put together a chart comparing caps and overage fees (or lack thereof) at several of the largest ISPs, so you can have a better idea of how many Netflix movies you can watch without hitting the ceiling. [via GigaOm]

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  1. mobafett says:

    AT&T DSL here. We go over the 150 GB limit every month. Every stinking month. Double overages when one of us is streaming video during the day, like when I was recovering from surgery. As cord cutters, this is just a No Cable tax designed to keep you using AT&T’s cable service (Uverse), except that it isn’t available anywhere near here. So what’s the point, really? Just a cash grab, because they can. Evil.