Walmart To Workers: Sorry You Won’t Be Home On Thanksgiving, Here’s A Turkey Dinner

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal, surrounded by loved ones with the warmth and satisfaction that comes from a full belly and companionship. Walmart thinks it can replace at least parts of that experience by giving employees a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, rolls and pie for anyone working on Thanksgiving Day.

Any workers on overnight, day or evening shifts on Thanksgiving will get a meal on the house from Walmart, a Walmart spokesman says. That’ll be about 1 million employees he added, as the Black Friday sales start at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day this year, reports ABC News.

“We’ll have turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and pies. The pies will vary based on regional varieties, so there will be pecan in the south, pumpkin everywhere, probably apple pie in regions where that is traditional. Regional traditions will be reflected in what we bring in,” the spokesman said.

It won’t be bringing in your Grandma to cook, however — catering firms and other restaurants near the stores will cook up the meals. Many stores will offer employees sandwiches to help ease the pain of the holiday rush on Friday as well.

“The idea is to make it as fun and festive as we can,” adds the spokesman.

Walmart’s EVP said as much on Monday, saying any complaints are in the minority because store “associates are really excited to work that day. It’s a pretty high-energy day for associates as well.”

It doesn’t sound fun to at least some workers, one of whom started one of the many petitions against Walmart’s holiday hours.

“Most businesses are closed on Thanksgiving, I understand that Walmart is a staple in many towns, but everyone survives it being closed on Christmas. As a single mother, it breaks my heart to know that I won’t be able to spend that time with my son,” writes the author of the petition.

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