Accused Snickers Thief Suing 7-Eleven Over Video Of His Struggle With Employees

A man who stands accused of pilfering a Snickers bar from a Brooklyn 7-Eleven is now suing the company over the emotional distress he says he suffered after a video showing the altercation with employees went viral. This is no simple nabbing of a shoplifter and waiting around for the cops to show up.

In the video, employees grab the man as he’s leaving the store, while he protests that he hasn’t taken anything. (You can watch it here, but be warned there’s lots of bad language and thrashing about.)

It’s all downhill from there — during the struggle the man’s clothes are pulled off until eventually he’s left with just a torn shirt around his waist and his pants down to his ankles. At one point during the kerfuffle it appears that an employee bites the man on his back, or at least bares his teeth very closely.

In the year since the Oct. 20, 2012 incident, the video was shown widely on the Internet on numerous news outlet. That lingering reminder of the incident and the situation itself has caused the 29-year-old emotional and physical distress, he says in the lawsuit, which can be read here.

The suit calls the incident a “violent, unprovoked and widely publicized assault…completely disproportionate to what they were accusing him of: stealing a candy bar.”

In addition to suffering “bruising, bite marks and…physical pain,” the plaintiff also endured “serious and permanent injuries…pain, shock and mental anguish…These injuries and their effects will be permanent.”

He’s seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages over the brawl.

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  1. nomdeweb says:

    I’m sorry, but the moment you attempt to break the law you lose the ability to then use the law to seek damages. You know how you could have avoided this mess? NOT STEALING SOMETHING TO BEGIN WITH, YOU LOW LIFE. Stop living up to stereotypes and do some good, honest work in the world for a change, jesus.

    • JoeBlow says:

      First of all, as this article doesn’t link to anything that says the man has been convicted of stealing the candy bar, I don’t think we should jump to the conclusion that he has no right to seek damages. Second, even if he did steal a candy bar, the employees have no right to beat, strip and bite anyone over it.

    • Xenotaku says:

      I’m assuming you’ve never heard of this little thing called “excessive force”? Attempting to detain someone is one thing (although, for what’s likely under a dollar, I’d just get a picture and ban the guy). What is alleged (biting, ripping off clothes, etc), is far more than what was necessary. And that’s not even taking into account the video going viral (I’d assume someone ripped it from a news site, because shame on the store if they uploaded it themselves).