Which State Stands To Lose The Most Blockbuster Stores?

While many people might have scratched their heads and thought, “Huh. I didn’t know there were any Blockbuster stores left to close” after yesterday’s announcement that Dish would be shuttering the chain’s remaining locations, there are 303 Blockbusters that will cease to exist in January. We’re sorry to inform you, Texas, but you’re going to feel the loss more than any other state.

Quartz ran the numbers and mocked up a spiffy chart that shows just how much each state has to lose when Blockbuster finally goes kaput because the company itself deigned to note where those locations are.

Some states are set to bid farewell to more than others: Texas customers will lose 61 stores — with 10 of those in San Antonio alone, a higher total than the amount in 40 other states — while Vermont will barely feel the sting of its one store going away. Florida comes in a far second with its 29 doomed locations.

Then there are 12 states who’ve already been Blockbusterless and have no stores to close: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Wyoming.

Sorry for your loss, Texas.

These are Blockbuster’s last remaining stores in the US, before they all close [Quartz.com]

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